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September 03, 2008


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New Girlfriend

I find it unbelievable how women who are mothers of children can think it is OK to use their kids as pawns to try and 'get back' at their ex husband - as well as numerous other pain in the ass tactics to destroy his life. Simply because he has the audacity to be happy without.
I know of numerous cases where the guy has done nothing wrong but funnily enough, as soon as he finds a new woman - the ex-wife rears her evil head and decides to wreak havoc with his life and that of his new partner. Sad, childish, jealous and living in the past, these sad spongers will not let go.
Meanwhile the evil ex-wife has sat on her backside and done nothing constructive to help. She whines and is disruptive (basically downright evil) at every opportunity she has never once been grateful that her ex-husband works his butt off to keep a roof over her and the kids' heads.

Of course she has never contributed a penny towards this, but will no doubt get a large proportion of the divorce settlement.
Is it right in a situation like this that she:
1. Has a very wealthy boyfriend that she won't officially admit to
2. Has alienated various member of ex-husband's family from him - just to be spiteful
3. Caused a major rift in his family
4. Lies at every opportunity but accuses him of doing so (which he hasn't!)
5. Makes every excuse to not work full time when there is no good reason why she can't
6. Refuses to be adult or co-operate with the custody arrangements for the kids
7. Threatens court at every opportunity, which is totally unwarranted
8. Has gained unauthorized access to our home in the past (the kids let her in)
9. Has hacked into email accounts
10. Is generally a giant pain in the rear
Why can't these sad individuals realize that just because they hate themselves and have serious unresolved mental issues - they don't have to screw up everyone else's lives (including their own kids) Is anyone else going through / lived through this? We can't be the only ones!

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